10 junio 2016

Hi people!
Yes, You are in the same blog. This time I want to try something different. I've had this idea for days. I think that write some entries in English, it's a good way to practice the language, and I'm not the best at it, but I want to try it. So, if you are good with the language, let me know and if you want to correct me with the grammar, do it. But be polite. Please.

So, welcome to this new section, please if you want comment in English, do it! I don't care if you're not good with language, We can help each other! But just, if you want.

I can't think another way to start, so, I want to give you some advices to start to read in english. All of this works for me, so you can try it.

  • Firts of all, Make a habit of reading in english. I'm not saying that all the time, but you can start to read in English once a month.
  • If you don't have experience with the language try to start reading school English textbooks, in those books are short stories with a glossary. You can also search short texts in internet, articles, magazines, etc. Make sure the texts you choose are not too difficult for you. 
  • This worked very well for me, if you have read a book in Spanish, then read it in English, you now the story, but don't try with complicated books, choose contemporary books. Not Fantasy, or dystopia, those geners are complicated and have much vocabulary.

Or another way is read one Chapther in english and then in Spanish.
  • Don't try to understand every word and don't translate everything only use a dictionary if a word keeps appearing in a text and you still don't understand it. 
  • Many people say that you can use a dictionary, but that didn't work for me, so my advice is: If there are four or five new words on a page, write them. But you don't have to write them while you read. You are going to see those words many times so you may not even need to use a dictionary because you can guess the meaning from the rest of the text
  • As I said before, try to read contemporary books, if you like Romance, tries with those books, those are the best to learn, because the authors don't use difficult vocabulary, or you can try it with children's books.

You must be patient with all of this, the first books that I try to read I just read few chapters or pages and left them, or when it was a translated PDF. Read a few chapters or pages a day in English.

Here I will leave you some books that I recommend starting to read in this language:

These books have a very basic vocabulary and for my were very easy to read. You can find classic tales, such as Charlie and the chocolate fabric, etc.

If you want to read something of fantasy you can try: Percy Jackson the only difficulty you'll have may be the names of the mythology, but those you can search in google. The books of Jennifer L. Armentrout are also very easy to read.


And like I said before, try contemporary romance, those are very easy to read and have much vocabulary that you can learn easily

So these are some of my recommendations, I hope they can help you, and encouraged to read in another language, the reading experience is very different.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Well hi! I'm not very good at english grammar but i think it's a great way practice it with blog entries.
    Totally agree with your recomendations, Aristotle and Dante was one of the first books I read in english, I really enjoyed it and was easy to understand because, as you've said, its vocabulary is basic.

  2. Hi!
    It's kinda weird to comment in English but I'll try to do it.
    First of all, I wanted to tell you that, for me, "I have this idea for days" is wrong. I'd say "I've been having this idea for days".
    As you, I've been practicing the English by reading books. I read my first English book three months ago or so. It was Delirium. And when I was done with it, I felt very proud about myself. Nowadays, I try to read at least one bok in English per months; while I get use to reading in this new language.
    Shares from ¡Saludos desde Trapped Among Letters!

  3. I´m agree whith all the things specially about the dictionary because If you´re look all the time the words you don´t understand It´s really tired and you are going to leave the book (That´s what happen with me).

    I really love this so please do more. I always wanted someone will do entries like this because months ago I did something like this in my blog for the same reasons like you. And in my opinion I didn´t see any mistake. Byebye

  4. Hi. I'm currently studying to become an English translator, so reading in this language is something I find normal and that I deeply enjoy. I hope you continue with these posts :)


  5. Hi! I currently study English philology and (obviously) we have to read a lot in English! Sadly, the kind of books we have to read ain't easy to read, like these ones you propose, so sometimes reading gets a bit difficult. One of the books we had to read was To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, and it was impossible for me to finish it, seriously. I couldn't get a word of what I was reading. I will try again in the future :P
    Anyway, the first books I read in English were Harry Potter books, very easy to read since everyone knows the story. I also recommend reading in kindle format. I have a kindle, and since I have it reading in English has become quite easier. You can look up words in seconds, which makes the reading very easy-going.
    Nice post, by the way, I hope you keep posting in English!

  6. Hi!! As you said before Jennifer's books are easy to read, because I started reading one of her books and I learnt a lot of vocabulary at the same time that I enjoyed the story.
    I hope that you continue with your tips, because for people wich are not used to read in English, your tips would be very useful.
    Besoos :3

  7. Hi there!
    I completely agree with you when you mentioned "not translating everything". That is a very common error: we try to understand every word and, believe me, that's not important or even necessary. In my opinion, you should guess the meaning by the context and not the other way round. It will be difficult in the beginning, obviously, but you will get better with practice and time. Also, you recommended really good books to start, because young adult and new adult genres are mostly written in a very "easy" language (basic words, not complicated syntax). I would also recommend John Green, Rainbow Rowell and Kiera Cass :)
    I love this new idea of writing posts in English. Most of the books I read are in English, so it's something I find quite familiar.

    See you :D

  8. Hello, I´m not good at English either so I think that you are very brave, because I won´t write a page in English.
    Congratulations and Thank for your advice.
    See you soon :3

  9. ¡Hola! vengo de la iniciativa Seamos seguidores, te he seguido y me preguntaba si también me seguirías devuelta jeje.

    ¡Un abrazo!.

  10. Hi! That's a good idea, it's a fantastic way to improve our english.
    I totally agree with all the advices you give. I started reading in english one year ago and the first book I read was Matilda by Roald Dahl and it was really easy for me. In fact, this is one of my favourite books and I've read it a lot of times so I know the story very well.
    On the other hand, I think your english is very good and your writing style too but I'd like to mention that instead of "you know the history" you have to say "you know the story". Moreover, I'm not sure about this sentence "We can help us each other" I think it is "we can help each other"
    Thank you so much for your advices!!!!
    Best wishes :)

  11. I wanna read soon Percy Jackson series... and Ari and Dante is waiting in my bookshelf ^^

  12. Hey!
    I'm sure this entry is very useful for those who want to start reading in English! Your advice is really good, I agree on what you said, even if I always say one should try and see what works best for oneself. The most important thing to me is trying different approaches if one doesn't work and also never give up! It may seem one doesn't make any progress or something like that, but it's not true.

    As for me, I've been reading in English for a while and still try to read books in that language now and then. It's harder now because I get most books from the local library and there isn't a wide array of books in foreign languages in there .n. When I get an e-reader, I plan on going back to read in English, though.

    I want to read Percy Jackson's first book, at least and "Aristotle and Dante..." intrigues me a lot ♥ If I have to buy them, I'll probably get them in English, they do look fairly easy .u.

    Keep up the good work!
    See you! ♪

  13. Hi Jess!

    I love this type of entries♥
    Lately, i've been reading a lot of books in english, so your recomendations comes very well.


  14. Hi! I can read in english, but is kinda difficult to write/translate it. I'm agree with you in all the points. I can't remember the first book I read in english, but I always try first the free sample in Amazon Kindle. If I think is hard to read the book, I prefer reading it in spanish.

    I would add: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertall (i finished both of them in one day) and -maybe- The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater.

    Best wishes! :)


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